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Health Insurance

Are you able to get the healthcare that you need in Indiana? With the right health insurance, it’s easier to see a doctor or head into the ER. Our agents at Knight Insurance can talk to you about the various insurance options available.

Types of Health Insurance

It’s important to review the different types of health insurance available to you. The plan you choose is dependent on the kind of coverage you want, the flexibility you desire in which health care providers you want to see, and even the cost of monthly premiums.

The most common plans include:

  • HMO: An affordable option where you visit in-network providers
  • PPO: A flexible option where you can choose out-of-network providers
  • Health Savings Account: Given a set amount of money to reduce out-of-pocket medical expenses

The good news is that you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. With the help of our independent agents, we can talk to you about the pros and cons of each plan. We’ll also work to get you quotes from top companies to make it easier to compare what is out there and what it is going to cost you.

Exploring the Costs

You need to know what the cost of healthcare is, even when you have insurance. You’re going to pay more than just the premiums as there will be some out-of-pocket expenses for you to endure in many instances, too.

You may have to pay co-pays or deductibles when you see the doctor. You may have to pay a percentage of the prescription costs when you go to the pharmacy.

Reviewing the “real” cost of a health insurance plan is critical, so you’re not looking just at the premiums. Our agents are here to help you understand the full costs so that you can choose a plan with confidence for not only you but the whole family.

Start exploring health insurance in Indiana today. Call our agents at Knight Insurance to get customized assistance every step of the way.