Professional Liability



Professional Liability

Knight Insurance Agency knows that sometimes even professionals make mistakes. When business least expect it they are faced with allegations of negligence in their professional service. These liability lawsuits can cost businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars. Having a Professional Liability policy can protect your business if you or an employee make an error that causes harm or loss to your customers.

We recommend this coverage for any business that offers professional and/or personal services. Some examples of businesses that need this type of coverage are: real estate agents, insurance agents, accountants, notary services, lawyers, consultants, financial advisers, and web design companies. There are many other business types that can benefit from a Professional Liability policy. If you feel that you need protection from any of the below then you should look into getting a policy:


  • Accusation of Negligence- Provides coverage to your business in the event of a claim of loss or personal injury due to your negligence in the professional service you offer
  • Defense Costs – Covers your attorney costs in the event of a claim of loss or personal injury arising out of the professional service you offer
  • Judgment Costs- If you are found to be guilty of negligence, your Professional Liability policy can cover those judgments that arise from negligence, error, or omission.




In the world today protecting your business from a cyber attack could be one of the most important decisions you make. Some newer Professional Liability policies are adding this coverage to protect you if your client’s information is stolen as the result of a cyber attack. Any company who stores confidential information or takes payment information from a customer would be well advised to look into this protection.

Talk to a professional at Knight Insurance Agency today to determine if your business could benefit from Professional Liability coverage.